Writing for Business

Writing for Business is the ideal course for learners who need to improve their Business English Writing and correspondence skills. Covering the most common everyday Business Writing situations, Writing for Business includes practical ways for learners to improve their emails, letters, reports, presentations and memos.

Writing For Business

The way we communicate in reports, e-mails and proposals hugely impacts our credibility. Badly written or unprofessionally structured Business Writing can make professionals appear less competent, simply because they do not possess the techniques and vocabulary range to write professionally in English.

Writing for Business takes learners through a simple, yet effective step-by-step approach to improving their Written Business English in over 100 everyday situations, ranging from e-mails to reports and proposals.

Learners develop their core English Writing skills in how to plan, draft, and check their writing before applying what they have learned in realistic Business Writing tasks.

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What Will I Learn on the Course ?

  • The process of Business Writing: Plan, Draft, Finalise
  • Structure your emails and professional English correspondence
  • Formal Vs Informal: Using the correct level of formality in your Business English writing
  • Writing and responding to Apologies, complaints, and excuses in English
  • Writing better proposals, reports and memos in English
  • Eliminate “floral” or non-essential wording from your Business English
  • Using diplomatic language in English
  • Common pitfalls people make in Business English Writing when their first language is Indonesian
  • Reader-friendly writing – The 4 C’s of Business Writing – being clear, concise, correct, and courteous
  • Editing, correcting and perfecting your Business writing

Writing For Business

Length : 10-20 Lessons

Effort : 2-3 hours per week

Level : Intermediate to Advanced

Course Type : Live class (online or offline)

Prerequisites : A minimum intermediate level of English

Courses are now available online!

Anytime, anywhere with our Online Private Classes

Have structured, highly interactive and stimulating English Lessons in a virtual classroom environment with your tutor, at a time to suit you. Your tutor will give you the same structured, interactive learning programme as if you were face-to-face in a classroom; the methodology, the contents of your classes and the material used will remain unchanged.

Our innovative and modern way of learning, with expert tutors, allows you to have high-quality, personalised tuition with the same quality and effectiveness of a traditional classroom. Now you can learn any time, anywhere.

Private One-to-one

  • Personalised courses to fit around your busy life.
  • Learn online, at home or at the office, on your own personal schedule.
  • Your progress towards achieving these goals will be monitored closely throughout the course.




  • One-on-one, private Business English Writing courses.
  • Learn the same Writing for Business content either online or face-to-face.
  • Lessons are fully flexible with no fixed schedule or timetable.
  • You get to choose the content from our range of over 100 of the most common Business English Writing situations. 

How it works

  • Have your Business Writing lessons either online, or face-to-face in Jakarta.
  • For online Business Writing courses, all you need is a laptop, mobile or tablet and a headset with a microphone and you can start your private course with your tutor.
  • Create and manage your own schedule, and have lessons at the best time for you.
  • Our Business Writing lessons are either 60 or 90 minutes long, each with a clear goal – for rapid progress every time.

Learner Testimonials

What our learners say
about us

"Even more than I expected! Thank you so much for this outstanding course! Amazing job!"

Vaska Volcheva

business english online courses

"Learnt a lot of new words and phrases. Amazing experience. Recommend this course to everyone."

Mehak Wadhwa

english learning for international business

"Best course, it really motivated me a lot. I am now excelling in writing emails at work"


business english class with native speakers

"Very straight to the point. Covered most important topics. Very useful examples."

Daiva Mazaliauskaite

business writing skills training

"Hi, everyone I am Marie Denise Desire, I am very happy to have been part of your students and I am very satisfied with this course. Thank you!

Marie Denise Desire

best english course provider

"I'm learning a lot this course!!! I highly reccomend!!!

Camila de Oliveira

learn business english


Riyanka Johnson

professional english skills training

"Excellent refreshing!"

Branislav Dobrosavljevic

english conversation class

"This course is designed appropriately"

Tushar Dash

english learning for international business

"Thank you! Material and Lessons are Excellent!"

Juan Arriojas

english courses for corporate

"It's a real conversation that sometimes we don't get very clear. Good one!!"

Anderson Aragao

business english language course

"Very interesting and instructive. It was easy to follow and learn the new phrases. Thanks for this course!"

Jean-Baptise Baiwong

english class for employee

"Very useful course for all English levels"

Hsn Leo

business writing skills for employees

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