Basic Terms of Agreement :

Both parties agree that this Agreement is in accordance with the following terms, conditions, and stipulations.

  1. The Business English Training will take place at the location of the client.
  2. Each class will consist of two (2) hours per session.
  3. The total number of participants per class is limited to fifteen (15).
  4. Each participant in excess of the maximum of fifteen (15) per class will be charged at the rate of Rp 2.500.000

Duties And Responsibilities of E4B :

E4B shall be responsible for the following :

  1. Conduct pre-start questionnaire, assessment, interview, and provide an academic recommendatiin prior to to commencing classes.
  2. Provide a qualified and experienced language instructor.
  3. Conduct courses according to an agreed schedule with the the highest degree of professionalism.
  4. Provide progress testing, evaluations, assessment, and reporting upon course completion.
  5. All training materials and handouts will be provided by E4B.

Duties And Responsibilites of The Client :

The client shall be responsible for the following :

  1. Access to your staff and premieses for pre-assesment and interview session.
  2. Training room are required, fully AV capable.
  3. Access to training room 30 minutes before the start of each session.
  4. Release time for employees to complet their training.

Other Conditions :

  1. In the event of scheduled or unscheduled absences by the instructor who is assigned for the class, E4B has the right to assign another instructor to teach the class.
  2. In the event of class cancellation by the client less than forty-eight (48) hours before the scheduled class, E4B has the right to consider the situation as a running class.
  3. Re-scheduling by the client to another day other than the scheduled day will not be permitted, unless previously agreed in wrting with E4B.
  4. The client will be entitled to postpone up to two (2) session per class during each programme, provided that a minimum of 48 hour’s notice has been provided on each occasion.

Confirmation & Deposit Schedules :

  1. A non-refundable advanced of 50% of the total training fee is due a minimum of 14 days before the first session.
  2. A second payment of 50% of the total training fee is due on completion of the fifth session.

Agreement Acceptance :

Following your review and acceptance of this agreement, please sign and return it no later than 14 days before the first class. Please note that the booking will be confirmed once we receive the signed contract and deposit. If the agreement and deposit are not received by the requested date, this agreement shall be null and void.

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