At a Glance

Hours of Content:
330 Hours – 6500 Words (Vocabulary for General English); 25 Hours – 500 Words (Vocabulary for ESP Areas); 150 Hours – 3000 Words (Medical Vocabulary)

WordMine 2 is designed to improve your range and control of new vocabulary. The series is comprised of courses to practice general vocabulary, and 21 specialised subject areas, and will help you master hundreds of new words in context.

The course offers a flexible, effective way to increase English vocabulary in just 15 minutes a day. WordMine 2 uses adaptive learning technology to help you focus on words you don’t know, and tracks your knowledge of meaning, written form and spoken form.

A spaced repetition learning system is used to introduce new vocabulary and provide repeated and varied practice of words in the study cycle ensuring long-term retention. Each course is designed to allow you to learn at your own pace. Lesson blocks can be started and interrupted at any point, and you can then pick up where they left off.

Key Content:
Subject Areas: General English, TOEIC
Specialist: Medical, Legal, Accounting
Business: General Business (3 levels), Meetings, Negotiations, Presenting, Telephoning,
Management Industries: Retail, Hotel/Hospitality, Financial, Engineering, Insurance, Pharmaceutical