English for Meetings

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Business English course for ESL:
Over 100 key business English phrases for meetings. Arrange, attend and lead meetings.

Do you need to attend meetings in English?
If so, English for meetings is the course for you! It will help you communicate better in professional situations such as meetings, conference calls and discussions. This intermediate-level Business English programme contains essential vocabulary and useful phrases for the workplace.

English for Meetings

English for meetings includes:

  • Over 100 useful business phrases and expressions for the workplace
  • Listen and repeat (with phrases spoken by Native English speakers)
  • Listening activities and realistic simulations
  • Animated simulations with subtitles
  • Multiple accents including British English and American English

The course is divided into five parts:

  1. Arranging meetings
  2. Business meetings
  3. Sharing viewpoints
  4. Leading meetings
  5. Meeting minutes

English for meetings also includes:

  • Animated videos of business situations with accents from UK, USA and Canada
  • Animated video quiz at the end of each business situation to test understanding of lesson content
  • Regular end of lesson quizzes to test your progress
  • Final review section to test your improvement and knowledge of phrases
  • Downloadable vocabulary sheets