Academic English – TOEIC

At a Glance

CEFR A2 | TOEIC® 250 – 500*

Number of Lessons:
69; Plus 16 Video Lectures and 4 Practice Tests (Digital)

Lesson Duration:
Approx. 30 mins; 60 mins per test

The course has been written and developed by Mr. Koji Hayakawa, a recognised expert in TOEIC® test measures, and is delivered in an easy-to-understand review and practice format for maximum score gain.

The key sections of the TOEIC® L & R test are presented in an order that progresses from easy to more difficult to help you build your knowledge.

Each lesson begins with a Test Skills Focus section to introduce the skill that will be practiced. This is followed by a presentation and practice of the language needed, and further test practice exercises. The lesson concludes with a short test to assess your understanding and progress.

Kickoff for the TOEIC® L & R features 16 highly practical video lectures written by Mr. Hayakawa that outline the test format in full, and provide strategies and tips for each test section to build test-taking confidence. Each lecture lasts for approximately 2 minutes and provides a useful study tool and reference for you.

Key Content:
TOEIC® test sections – Listening:
Photographs, Question-Response, Conversations, Short Talks.

TOEIC® test sections – Reading:
Incomplete Sentences, Error Recognition or Text Completion, Reading Comprehension