Academic English – IELTS

At a Glance

CEFR A2 – B2 | IELTS 3 – 6 | TOEFL iBT: 32-45

Number of Lessons:
30 at each level

Lesson Duration:
Approx. 45 mins

Each of our IELTS courses allow for both language study and practice, and a focus on specific exam skills.

In all of our IELTS courses, lessons are broken down into short sections that will help develop listening and reading skills, test-taking strategies and vocabulary.

At A2 level, the lesson modules are simpler, and there is a greater emphasis on language development to help you broaden your vocabulary before moving on to exam skills.

At B1 and B2 level, lessons focus on specific skills and feature texts that are designed to effectively practice these skills. Language work is provided through the vocabulary sections, which, inspired by the texts, will extend the student’s range of language.

All lessons include explanations and tips on how best to tackle specific task types, followed by practice activities. An end-of-lesson test checks your understanding of new language, and your ability to deal with specific tasks effectively.

Key Content:
IELTS Skill Areas – Working with tables and flow charts; Scanning and Skimming; Identifying main ideas; Understanding opinion; Interpreting numbers and data; Following an argument; Prediction; Identifying feelings and attitudes.