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Meet some of our expert tutors who are fluent in English and Indonesian. They have helped thousands of learners to develop the language skills they need to build their International careers and succeed in their jobs
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At English for Business we are proud to have a highly qualified team of experienced expert tutors. All of our tutors are Native and local instructor who are professionally qualified to teach English language and have at least five years of experience.

Most of our team have lived overseas before in English speaking countries and are also able to teach English so have a high level of English proficiency which is especially helpful for beginner learners who need explanations in English at the start of their course.

In addition to being trained, qualified and experienced as English teachers, our trainers have many years of professional experience including: contacts throughout the legal, financial and commercial world, experience working with top management, experience of living in other countries and some have even run their own businesses.

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Senior Trainer


Corporate Language Instructor


Corporate Language Instructor



Senior Trainer


Senior Business English Specialist


Corporate Language Instructor


Corporate Language Instructor


Business English Trainer


Business English Trainer

Learner Testimonials

What our learners say
about us

"Even more than I expected! Thank you so much for this outstanding course! Amazing job!"

Vaska Volcheva

"Learnt a lot of new words and phrases. Amazing experience. Recommend this course to everyone."

Mehak Wadhwa

"Best course, it really motivated me a lot. I am now excelling in writing emails at work"


"Very straight to the point. Covered most important topics. Very useful examples."

Daiva Mazaliauskaite

"Hi, everyone I am Marie Denise Desire, I am very happy to have been part of your students and I am very satisfied with this course. Thank you!

Marie Denise Desire

"I'm learning a lot this course!!! I highly reccomend!!!

Camila de Oliveira


Riyanka Johnson

"Excellent refreshing!"

Branislav Dobrosavljevic

"This course is designed appropriately"

Tushar Dash

"Thank you! Material and Lessons are Excellent!"

Juan Arriojas

"It's a real conversation that sometimes we don't get very clear. Good one!!"

Anderson Aragao

"Very interesting and instructive. It was easy to follow and learn the new phrases. Thanks for this course!"

Jean-Baptise Baiwong

"Very useful course for all English levels"

Hsn Leo

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