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    Receive full course information
    and take your free English proficiency assessment

      Learn English Online Now with a Native Speaker

      E4B’s online learning is designed to help adult learners of English learn the professional language skills they need to develop their career. Now you can study online with the same highly qualified and experienced E4B instructors in a virtual classroom.

      Our personalised one to one classes follow the same teaching methodology as our face-to-face lessons so you can learn at exactly the same pace without leaving the comfort of your own home.

      Our executive online courses are held via Zoom, allowing our trainers to recreate our face to face lessons online by utilising features such as share screen to demonstrate language points to you and give real time feedback on your work

      You might be preparing for a new job role and need to rapidly improve your knowledge of professional English, you might be preparing for a presentation and want your language skills to help make it stand out, or you might need to master the language for an exam you are taking to boost your career.

      You might just prefer the learning style of having a trainer solely focused on your goals.

      Courses for Professionals

      At E4B we specialise in Business English, helping professionals from a broad range of backgrounds reach the level they need to be at to achieve the results they want in Business. We train only adult professionals, using the latest, most innovative learning techniques available to help our clients become more confident in meetings, presentations and in written correspondence.

      Practical English

      Learners learn to confidently handle the most frequently experienced business situations and build their fluency to communicate confidently with foreign clients, partners and co- workers.


      • English for Meetings
      • English for Presentations
      • English for Sales and Marketing

      Business Writing

      Ideal for learners who need to write professionally and understand key business documents such as emails, reports, minutes and proposals.


      • Business Writing and Correspondence
      • Transform your emails
      • Proposals that work
      • Reports that work


      Business English

      This is the best choice for busy executives with limited time available. Each lesson is private with a program developed for individual needs enabling executives to develop as rapidly as possible.


      • Business English for Executives (Intensive)
      • Presentation Skills for Executives (Intensive)

      Learn English from the best tutors


      Sam is an enthusiastic Business and General English tutor who specialises in both private and group classes. Sam's high energy lessons are filled with practical content and valuable tips. A British citizen, Sam has over 10 years of international experience.


      Sara is a creative, engaging tutor who helps her students achieve great results, fast. Sara teaches that confidence and fluency are the keys to developing excellent communication skills. She is a passionate advocate of the E4B training methodology because it helps learners communicate in English without the fear of making mistakes.


      With over 10 years of experience in people development, Richard Buckley can motivate and engage students to really strive to communicate clearly and effectively in English. He is an energetic and lively trainer who believes in the importance of confident, professional communication.


      Yvette is a highly experienced, enthusiastic tutor with a wide range of international experience and possesses a broad range of skills and competencies. Her teaching approach is always evolving and it incorporates technology and the latest techniques to keep classes fresh and innovative.


      James specialises in delivering customised English programmes and helps his students to become more confident, fluent speakers of English. A British citizen, James has taught learners from around the world in General and Business English.


      An engaging, adaptable instructor, Andrew is notorious for making linguistic and communication classes motivating, productive and results-oriented. He has a special affinity for shy and under-confident communicators and can guide them towards becoming fearless.

      Flexible Digital Learning Solutions
      Anytime, Anywhere

      Access our digital learning programme and get access to our online English courses for professionals who want to take their career to the next level. Improve your English and apply for the right jobs, develop your interview skills and learn how to perform in the workplace with confidence.

      We all want to improve our language skills and become more confident communicators as quickly as possible. Knowing how to get there is often the hard part. Using the E4B fast track to success, you reach target level faster than you imagine.

      Business Speaking

      Business Speaking is the perfect course for anyone wanting to quickly improve their English speaking and listening skills. Business Speaking is the perfect course for

      Vocabulary Builder

      Vocabulary Builder is designed for students at all levels who want to improve their range and control of new vocabulary. Vocabulary Builder is designed for students at all levels who want to improve their range

      Writing for Business

      Writing for Business takes students through a step-by-step approach to improving their business correspondence for 105 everyday business situations

      Academic English

      Academic English is the perfect course for learners who need to improve their listening and reading skills in preparation for further study in English, or for international exams such as IELTS, TOEFL and TOEIC.

      Practical English

      Practical English is the ideal course for anyone wanting to quickly improve their core English language skills. Practical English is the ideal course for

      Pronunciation Practice

      The course uses speech recognition software to allow learners to practice their pronunciation of key words and phrases, and to identify and fix problems with specific phonemes.

      In-Company Programs

      Our trainers will come to you and the course is tailored to your team’s exact requirements. All
      courses can be specifically customized to your organization’s needs, both in content and
      duration. The goal is to blend the training with organizational objectives and company-specific
      discussion topics, case studies, documents and activities.

      Fully Customized Programs

      All courses can be specifically tailored to your organisation’s needs, both in content and duration.

      Free Consultation & Free English Assessment

      Find out your team's English proficiency level and build a programme in line with the level they need to reach.

      Blended Methodology

      Develop your Business English anytime, anywhere with our combination of in-classroom learning and online practice.

      The E4B 8 Step Learning Process

      Companies We Help

      Whether our clients are local or multinational, we personalise courses to bring out the
      best in every individual within them. We are proud to have enabled employees of some of
      the world's leading brands, across diverse sectors, to learn and improve their English.
      Over and over again we hear how the English they learned with us has helped them to
      reach their business objectives.