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General English

All courses can be specifically tailored to your needs, both in content and duration. Customisation makes it easier for you to see a direct relationship between the course content and your own experiences and eases the transfer of your learning to your goals.

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Professional English

Communication is the ideal course for anyone wanting to quickly improve their English communication skills. Our range of modules prepares learners for the most common business situations, from meetings to telephoning and presentations in English.


Business Writing

The way we communicate in reports, e-mails and proposals hugely impacts our credibility. Badly written and or unprofessionally structured communications can make us appear less competent, simply because we do not possess the skills to write professionally.

English 4 Business
English for Business (E4B) is an established English learning provider, helping executives and professionals develop the skills they need for business. Headquartered in Paul Street, in London’s City Centre, E4B specialises in providing corporate language programmes and private courses for executives across the UK and Asia.
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